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Move a videoask to another organization

Created videoasks you'd like to manage with your team or clients in a different account? If you're the owner of an account, you can send videoasks to any organization you belong to! 

To give other people access to a videoask you've created, you have two options: invite them to your organization (i.e. your workspace) or move your videoask to an organization they already have access to.

When you create an account on VideoAsk, you become the owner of that account organization. You can invite team members to your organization, and others can invite you to collaborate in their organization. You can access videoasks in other accounts by switching organizations (if you have the permissions to view them). 

Alternatively, you can keep all the videoasks you'd like to collaborate on in a dedicated team account. If you haven't done this from the beginning and have videoasks scattered across accounts, moving videoasks between organizations can be a great way to group all your team's video forms into one workspace. 


⚠️ Important: Moving a videoask to another organization means you'll no longer have access to it (or any responses) in your own organization. You can duplicate the videoask and move the copied version if you want to keep the original in your own organization.

Please bear in mind that if you move a videoask that's currently in an organization on a paid plan to an organization on a free plan, paid features such as branding you've added may be affected or removed.

If you've created a brand for your videoask and moved it to another organization on the Brand plan, the new organization won't be able to edit the brand. However, they'll be able to remove the brand or use a different brand they've created. 


From within your account, click on the three vertical dots on the videoask you'd like to move.



Click Move to another org.


Note: You'll only be able to move a videoask if you're the owner of the organization you're moving it from, and a team member in the organization you're moving it to.


Choose which organization you want to move your videoask to.



Confirm the move by clicking Yes, move it.



And voilà! Your videoask with all its responses and tags will appear in your chosen organization. 🙂


From here you can choose to keep it in the Default folder or restrict access by organizing videoasks into folders.

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